Saturday, March 30, 2013

Our Easter Weekend

Good Friday began bright and early with two very excited children eager to see what Easter Bunny had brought for them. (They are with their mother on Sunday so EB makes an early stop here.) They were thrilled to see that the Easter Bunny had shed some fur in a trail around the house (even though naughty feline Faye had followed the bunny and tried to play with the fur as it was dropped...) 


Easter just isn't the same without chocolate before breakfast! Jasper, Rob's Seeing Eye Dog, didn't miss out on a treat either- EB left him a nice big carrot which he was very happy with.

We all enjoyed some pancakes for breakfast and headed up to the Gorge for a picnic and a walk around lunchtime. We live on the Trevallyn side of the Gorge, but when we arrived at the car park- only 5 minutes drive from our house- it was packed and we ended up having to drive through town and go around to the Basin side. Oh well. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the sunshine. 

I was feeling very happy and relaxed as Thursday was my last day at work before beginning Maternity Leave. I still have a while to go before the baby arrives, but I've been struggling with back pain and lack of sleep for a few weeks now so I'm very happy to have finished work. My work gave me some chocolates, a card and a generous gift voucher, which was lovely and I'm looking forwards to buying the last few things we need.

Saturday we decided to head to Bridport for the day to go to the beach, visit my dear friend Jude at her campsite and have some fish and chips. The weather was a bit dubious with some rain on the way out, but when we arrived it was quite nice- windy, but not cold. The children didn't mind that we said it was a bit too cold to swim and enjoyed running around after we ate our lunch on the beach.

After lunch we decided to drive along to the dog beach to let Jasper have a run. We told the children they could change into their shorts and have a paddle up to their knees...I'm not sure who we were kidding as they both ended up drenched, but it was great to see them having so much fun. Jasper was ecstatic as well- as soon as his lead was off he was charging through the waves and along the sand. At one point he tore off to the other end of the beach and brought back a new friend to play with.

Just as we got back to the car and dried everyone off it started to rain, so our timing worked out well! We got back to the city by late afternoon and the children were picked up by their mother soon after, so we just had a quiet night. Today has been a little we had our Easter celebration on Friday we planned to have a very lazy day and not leave the house at all, but I realised that something was wrong with Pesto's mouth and discovered a large infected cut on his tongue. No wonder he didn't eat his dinner last night. I feel guilty for telling him not to be fussy! A trip to the vet ensued and we had to leave him there. I've just had a call to say he's going to be okay and we can pick him up in an hour once the anaesthetic wears off. Poor puss.

So that was our Easter weekend. I hope everyone has enjoyed time with their family this weekend as well. 

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