Sunday, May 4, 2014

A poem for my sweet boy

Tomorrow, my maternity leave ends. I wrote the following for my Liam.

I will hold you close against my heart
Kiss your cheek, and in your softness feel at peace 
Hold you close and breathe you in, deeply, sweetly. 

I will feel your hand against my skin 
Small and trusting, safe and warm
And feel your fingers stroke me
With love and gentleness. 

On your breath, the sweet scent of my milk 
Rising like a promise, like a poem
Hold you, nourish you, keep you safe
And in your heartbeat, hear my own. 

I will kiss you goodbye, and feel the pain of parting
I will feel my arms yearn to hold your trusting weight
I will say farewell, sweet boy, and walk away 
But I will still be yours, and you mine

Every time for me, a little death 
The pain of parting, the hearts beating alone 
Every time for me, and each for you. 

I will walk into your sight 
Work-weary, pressed down by my day 
But in seeing you, your smile, such a joy
Sweet balm for the spirit and the soul

I will take you into my arms 
And hold you tight 
And kiss your cheek 
And feel our hearts together, 
Beating just as strongly as they ever did, 
And I will see the whole world in your smile. 
And I will be the whole world in your eyes.