Monday, March 4, 2013

Awaiting Occupancy

Our gorgeous Beatrix Potter-themed nursery is now complete, after spending an hour wrestling with the cot this evening. (Apologies for the dodgy photo quality- my phone doesn't take the best pictures.)

The wall stickers are from eBay, the hope chest was left to me in my Nanna's will and the rug on the recliner was made by my darling Mum, using fabric from her bridesmaid's dresses. The Bunnykins bits and pieces were mine as a baby.

I love that the room has a mix of new things and old things that have love and history behind them.

I am so excited about our little boy moving into this room! I'll take some better pictures, and some that show the rest of the room, on my proper camera later.


1 comment:

  1. Your room looks beautiful! I love the mix of old and new, and can't wait to see the new arrival! with his new mum and dad and siblings!
    love from Granny Vienna Leary