Thursday, March 14, 2013

Public Property

I was told by several people that 'once you become pregnant, you turn into public property'. I have to say that this is true. I love being pregnant but as I get further and further along, I get more and more tired of answering the same questions asked by well-meaning people (mainly colleagues, parents at my work, and shop assistants). It's gotten to the point this week (it may have something to do with the hot weather making me cranky) of me wanting to print up a T-shirt with the following on it to save time:

-Yes, I am feeling the heat. Thanks for the observation.
-Three weeks until I start leave.
-No, I don't plan on being bored once I start maternity leave.
-It's a boy.
-Yes, we know what his name is, and no, I'm not telling you. (Did you really think I would?)
-Yes, I know I need to enjoy sleep now while I can.

People seem especially gleeful in regards to the last one...parents seem to love pointing out to new mums-to-be that "once the baby comes along, you won't be getting much sleep! Enjoy it now while you can!" Hmm, I had figured that one out for myself, thanks. I know it will be hard, but having been a chronic insomniac for my entire life I feel I am in some way prepared. Anyway, I live with a five year old and a seven year old who do not yet understand the concept of sleeping in on Saturdays and happily bounce out of bed anywhere from 6am. So sleep deprivation isn't going to be an entirely new concept for me. I know it will probably be harder than I think, but I'll deal with it when the time comes.

I don't mean to sound whingy, snarky or bitter. As I said, I adore being pregnant and sharing the joy with others. I've just never been a fan of small talk, cliches or meaningless platitudes and I'm certainly copping my share of all three lately. I also have a little boy who is determined to stay lodged up under my ribs at the minute! I swear he nearly broke one of them last night during 'mad hour'. 'Mad hour' is my name for the time between 11pm and midnight, which seems to be the baby's most active period at the moment- somersaults, whole body contortions, kicks and headbutts all occur in that hour and while amusing, it is getting a little uncomfortable! (I'm also hoping 'mad hour' doesn't continue from 11pm once he is born...)

Anyway, I've had my grumble and I am feeling better now. I am especially thrilled that the hot weather seems to have passed. Bring on proper Autumn weather- I miss my dressing gown and slippers!

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