Friday, March 22, 2013

Afternoon Walk

The children are very lucky to have friends living next door (whose mother, coincidentally, was friends with Rob when they were children). The neighbours are a little older than Harry and MJ but they all get on very well. We decided to walk to the park near our house after school today and stopped by to ask the children next door if they wanted to come. I took this photo of the four of them walking ahead of us- the boys holding hands and the girls holding hands, very cute. They were all very responsible checking both ways before crossing the roads and as soon as we reached the park they all exploded with energy and ran to the equipment.

This week hasn't been the best one for me as I slipped on some stairs at work after treading on a toy car that had been left there and landed on my back. It was pretty scary and quite painful. An immediate trip to the doctor reassured us that the baby was fine but I was told to have a few days of rest as my back was very sore. It was nice to get outside this afternoon after being cooped up inside all week. I've been reading a lot but feeling frustrated at not being able to do much. I'm so happy that the heat from last week has passed and it was lovely sitting in the gentle afternoon sun watching the children play.

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