Sunday, January 8, 2012

4am Friendship

You know you have a great best friend when it's 4am and you are lying in bed giggling as you text Friends quotes to each other.

MM, henceforth known by her actual name, Jude, (MM was making her think of the Mere Male column from New Idea magazine!) and I did just that last night (this morning?). I was lying in bed unable to sleep at 3am due to my dratted insomnia and checked Facebook on my phone, as you do. To my surprise, Jude had just updated her status so I knew she was up, probably unable to sleep herself, and sent her a text message. Soon enough my phone buzzed back and we spent a merry hour making each other laugh, albeit quietly, throwing in suitable Friends quotes (an integral part of our friendship is our ability to find a Friends quote for any and all occasions, and our love of the show was one of the first things we bonded over, all those years ago at uni) and keeping each other company during the time of night that, when you are suffering from insomnia, can be very lonely and isolating. When I am wide awake and it's so late, I can sometimes feel like I am the only person in the world and knowing that someone else is awake pushes the darkness back a little. I'm not saying we will be doing this every night, but knowing that even at 4am we were keeping each other company and making each other laugh shows me once again how good a friend I have in dear Jude.


  1. Friends are so important, that is wonderful you can support each other like that. Thank God for friends!!!! :)

  2. Naaaaw! I was SO excited to see this new blog entry! I love that we can text at 4am! We always know how to have a good time and make each other laugh! You are a beautiful friend and I know that we will be in each other's lives forever! Xx