Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Boring, Boring Computer Issues and an Exciting, Exciting Trip's Wednesday, but I find myself unable to do my Wednesday movie review as my computer is having serious (and very boring) issues. I am typing this on my phone, which isn't even a whizz-bang smart phone that is basically a mini computer and is instead just a plain old Nokia. It's tricky doing an entry on here and I can't even face attempting to put pictures, links etc in. movie review today. Apologies to my hordes of screaming fans.

In other news, tomorrow I will become a screaming fan myself as I am heading to Hobart with my best girl Jude to see my favourite band of all time, the Dresden Dolls. Freakishly excited. I saw them once in Melbourne, a long time ago in 2006, when they were touring Australia...flew to Melbourne for the show and then got food poisoning and had to go to hospital 10 minutes into their set. Yeah, to say that was disappointing was an understatement. I managed to see half of the Dolls, Amanda Palmer, on her solo tour in Melbourne a few years later (not only did I see her show, but I hugged her and gifted her with striped underpants afterwards...but that's another story), but was still hanging out to see them together. Then they broke up and I thought, that was that...but lo, they are briefly reunited and coming to Tasmania this time. It will be a great night. Here we come, Hobart!

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