Monday, January 16, 2012

The Canine/Feline Self-Identity Confusion

So a few weeks ago I blogged about my cat Pesto joining me when I walked the dogs. I speculated about whether this would be a regular occurance from now on. It seems it indeed has become the norm, as Pesto has joined me on pretty much every walk around the neighbourhood since then. It makes quite the sight, especially when he seems to be wearing an invisible lead and is part of the pack.

The walks definitely seem to cut into his pressing schedule of lying around, but he is willing to make that sacrifice to be a part of the pack. It doesn't matter where he is- he seems to know when we're setting off and comes running along behind us to catch up, sometimes adding a loud yowling if we are too far ahead. It seems to be entertaining to the neighbours and road workers (who have currently taken over our street until the end of February with very noisy's the serenity). After we get back from our walk he resumes his frantic to-do list involving finding the best place to lie around. This can be either a solo or a pack activity.

The novelty still hasn't worn off and I find myself giggling a lot on our walks now. I'm glad the three fur boys get on well. Pity about Faye, but she has never really liked Pesto anyway so it was a given that the dogs would be extended the same thinly-veiled contempt.

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  1. Your cat is definitely one of a kind! We have our chooks try to follow us walking our dogs but we chase them back! I love living in St Leonards because of the rural feel, but because it's only 7 kms from the city, I can be both city & country girl :)