Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Today, I learnt that...

...letting overexcited-by-Christmas-approaching six-year-olds use loose glitter, in various colours, and gluesticks to decorate Christmas tree pictures IS VERY VERY MESSY. I have glitter in my hair. I have glitter in my shoes. I have glitter in my ears, no joke. The classroom floor looked like something from a strange Christmas-themed 80's disco. How the glitter spread across the entire room, when the students were confined to the art tables, is a mystery. I spent the better part of 45 minutes after school wiping glitter from chair legs and every flat surface, and am hoping the cleaner is still talking to me tomorrow morning after he spends what will probably be a long, long time vaccuuming the classroom.

On the plus side, the kids had a great afternoon and loved making their trees. Christmas excitement was definitely in the air at school today, it being the first of December and all. One little girl delightedly informed me that "Today is the first of Christmas!"

Well, they say you should learn a lesson every day. I have learnt my lesson with the loose glitter, that's for sure. I'm sticking to glitter paint from here. Now, to try and get this glitter out of my ears...

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  1. Too Funny! Heck it only comes once a year! Use Glitter again tomorrow but in more of an abundance :) I'm only saying this because I am not there to help clean... of course! LOL

    Thanks for the comment on my Blog, So glad to hear that you made my Lemon Bars.... Mmmmmm Yum!