Monday, August 5, 2013

Beautifully Busy

 Well, I started writing the following on the 23rd of July and am only just now getting back to it...which sums up how busy it is having a newborn!

I turned 29 yesterday. One more year as a 'twenty-something'. It was a lovely day spent with Rob and our little Liam, who is now 6 weeks old (the other children are with their mother). I told Liam that all I wanted for my birthday was a sleep-in. He interpreted that to mean 6am instead of 5am- but hey, I can't complain, as Rob took him out to the lounge room after I fed him and I stayed in bed for a few more hours, which was heavenly. 

I was very spoilt by my lovely man...I am now the proud owner of an iPhone, for one thing. For the past few years I have been saying "I don't need a fancy-pants touch screen phone! I'm happy with my little Nokia which has actual buttons!" Then a few weeks ago Rob got an iPhone and I became immediately jealous of all the games and apps. I suspect the real reason Rob bought me one was because he got tired of me saying "Can I have your phone so I can play Words with Friends?" 

We had a lovely lunch at the Cataract Bistro, though times have certainly changed...while I ate my lunch I was holding a child instead of a glass of wine and trying to juggle breastfeeding with eating gourmet pizza!

Back to today...things are good though full-on. Liam is currently going through his 8 week growth spurt and is therefore waking every two hours through the night for a feed, which is draining to say the least...I think I was lulled into a false sense of security by a few four, five and even six-hour stretches of sleep! Seeing this face makes it all worthwhile, however.

I have lots more to say but my little man is calling me, and I want to hit 'publish' before I leave this post for another few weeks! 

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  1. Great to hear from you! So glad you are busy yet happy. Motherhood is so demanding and challenging and yet the most gratifying and rewarding job ever, have fun!!