Saturday, July 13, 2013

I didn't realise

I didn't realise that one tiny person could create so much extra washing.

I didn't realise that I would come to view 3 hours in a row at night  and 6 hours all up as a 'great sleep'.

I didn't realise that I would learn to do so many things one-handed while holding a baby...eating dinner, brushing another child's hair, sorting washing...being a mother is the true definition of multi-tasking.
I didn't realise that I could love someone so very much.

I didn't realise how amazing my body was to grow this little person, push him out and now nourish him every day.

I didn't realise that seeing my baby boy smile at me would make my heart fill full to bursting with joy and bring tears to my eyes.

I knew being a mother would be amazing and exciting and tiring and difficult, but it's so much more than I expected. It's the most wonderful thing I have ever done and nothing has ever felt so right.

I promise I will write some longer posts when I have more time...having a newborn certainly does fill the day.

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  1. Being a Mum is the most demanding and satisfying job of all! Glad you are so happy xx