Sunday, December 25, 2011

Bebb's Busy Boxing Day

So for weeks I have been saying, "Oh, I can't wait to be on holidays and have Christmas over so I can sleep in and relax..." Come Boxing Day today and I was up by 6.15am. What?! I have no idea what's going on here. Though it was good in a way as Mum and Dad are staying with us over Christmas and are very early risers so I got to have breakfast with them. Mum (or Mebb as she has renamed herself after reading my blog...hi Mebb) was very surprised that I beat her out of bed on a non-work day as she knows how much I love to sleep in.

Anyway, Dad headed off to his shift as a volunteer ambulance officer in the city and Mum and I chatted, cuddled dogs and watched Sea Change, then set off for Hollybank for a bushwalk with the dogs at 9am...pretty good considering I had set my alarm for 9am.

We had a lovely walk at Hollybank and the dogs enjoyed it too.

The highlight was walking down to the river. It was the first time my young Bub hounds had visited a river and the results were pretty predictable.

Jack stood primly on a rock trying not to get his paws wet...

...while Johnny plunged straight in and swam around, ending up looking like a drowned rat.

Drowned rat standing behind 'Mebb'. After I took that photo, Mebb was heard to say, "That picture's going on the blog isn't it?"  I also copped teasing from Mebb who claimed I only wanted to go for a walk so I could blog about it! Not true...though having a blog does change your outlook slightly, I won't deny...especially when you find yourself planning blog posts in your head.

The water did look beautiful but I didn't have my bathers and we still had a 40 minute walk to get back to the car...can't imagine it would have been that fun in wet clothes. Next time...

After we drove back into the city we dropped the dogs home and then I took Mum (oh sorry, I mean Mebb- she has started calling herself that now which is a bit of a worry...) out to lunch at the Seaport.

After grocery shopping we headed back home, and everyone is now having some quiet time. Mum (Mebb!) is playing with Christmas presents- she is reading a book on the Kindle she got from Dad (look, I can't call him Debb. Mum's name is Deb and this is just all getting too weird).

I'll leave you with a shot of our relaxed Christmas lunch from yesterday. Here are my parents kicking back in our gazebo while I cooked steak, salmon and haloumi (the latter for my vegetarian self) on the barbeque.

Oh and was Johnny's first Christmas and Jack taught him the joys of ripping up wrapping paper and going manic amongst the shreds. I let them go for is Christmas after all. 

Merry Christmas from Bebb and the Bubs.

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