Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Backyard Happenings

So today was the last day of school for students. I got lots of hugs and had a few of my gorgeous girls literally clinging to me in tears and begging me not to leave the school. I wish I could stay there too but alas it's not up to me. Last night was Presentation Night and I was given the role of 'prize coordinator'...hmmm...a fancy way of saying that as each presenter was called to the stage I had to collect the associated prize from a table and meet them at the foot of the stage stairs to give it to them. I was told to dress up as I was 'on view'...I felt very much on view and conscious that several hundred people were watching me as I appeared at the foot of the stairs with prizes all night. At one point I even made it on stage as a presenter hissed "I can't carry all of those- come up with me!" So prize girl did her bit...I actually felt slightly like this... 

After the evening finished, one of the presenters (some random politician) came up to me and said, "You did a great job with all of those prizes- very coordinated and you looked very confident."
"Oh thanks," I replied, before adding jokingly, "Yes, I have my Wheel of Fortune audition tomorrow!"
"Oh really?" he asked seriously. "That's great. Well, good luck with that. At least you've got teaching to fall back on if you don't get the role. Good, good." He then walked off leaving me somewhat speechless.  

So anyway. Let's move on from politicians who lack a sense of humour and irony.

After I got home today, I spent half an hour wrestling with metal poles, flapping canvas and surprisingly straightforward and easy to follow instructions in order to erect this in the backyard.

I will be having Christmas Day lunch here with my parents and decided it would be nice to have some shade, as if the weather is nice we are planning to have a barbeque and eat outside. It will also be great for barbeques with friends, and just to sit under and read, chat, relax, etc.

After we got it up I harvested some of the amazing bounty my garden is starting to put forth.

Snow peas, peas, parsley, cauliflower- lots more still growing! Pretty good for my first attempt at growing vegies on my own. There were more peas but I stood at the sink and ate a lot straight from the pod- delicious. We'll be having lots of fresh homegrown vegies on Christmas Day.

While I was outside I decided to take a photo of Jack lying on the grass, and just as I was about to do so, Johnny zoomed into shot and stood there like a little poser. I love this photo of my gorgeous boys.

It's quite a warm evening and we have all retreated inside now to relax in each other's company.

I'm still feeling exhausted but am starting to get very excited about finishing work for the year tomorrow and enjoying some glorious holiday time. And no, Mr Politician, I will not be joining Wheel of Fortune. They'll just have to get along without me as best they can.


  1. haha, you would make a wonderful adriana xenides! I noticed you on the night and I must say you did look the part. Have a lovely Christmas day with your family xx

  2. Lol that is hilarious! Some people are a real worry...! Congratulations on being on holidays!!!! Well done on a fantastic year and I'm sure 2012 is going to be an exciting and fun-filled year for you! Enjoy a well deserved break! Xx