Saturday, July 19, 2014

Birthday Weekend to Mount Cameron, part 1

I am blogging on my phone and will upload this once we return to civilisation. I am so happy to be in the middle of the bush at the Scottsdale High School Field Study Centre with my little family,  my parents, my sister Lisa and her partner Erik. This centre is the base for school camps and as my dad was the Outdoor Ed teacher for years, my sister and I grew up coming here on weekends and holidays with Mum and Dad. It's a huge cabin in the middle of the Tasmanian bush and possibly my favourite place, ever.  

We drove out here in a convey of three cars this morning and after unpacking and having lunch, spent time on the flying fox which is a blast. I haven't been on it in a good few years- last time was before I had an abseiling accident and developed a fear of heights- and I was determined to do it and enjoy it. As soon as Dad had checked my harness and I was good to go, I stepped straight off the platform and my nerves disappeared as I felt pure exhilaration. Lisa took this photo of me once I landed on the other side. 

Harry brought his Batman costume along and my sister decided to wear the cake and mask and become Bush Woman. 

I'm now sitting on my bunk holding a sleeping bub (who decided he was not going to have his nap in the portacot, in any way shape or form and wanted to snooze on me instead) while everyone else is outside. Once he wakes up it will be time for Happy Hour- a Mount Cameron tradition of drinks and nibbles in the afternoon, which will be even happier as I will be given some birthday gifts and mysterious cake making has been going on in the kitchen. 

Liam is loving having everyone around as well as standing up at the couches in the big main room. I moved eight couches around to create a play area so he is safely away from the fireplace and he loves walking around the couches, especially when members of his family are sitting on them. 

                                                  Loves his Nan and Pop. 

We brought a few toys along as you can see. That Duplo window is by far his favourite toy and he usually has it in his hand at home. 

I was worried that if Liam didn't nap in the cot and I got stuck holding him I would feel left out of things but I actually feel very happy and peaceful sitting here on my bunk, looking out the window at the bush and listening to the birds. I am looking forward to feeding the possums tonight (they know that the centre being occupied means there is a good chance of fruit being given to them on the verandah) and sitting around the fire tonight toasting marshmallows. To be continued...

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  1. Sounds glorious! I'm looking forward to part 2, hint hint :)