Saturday, May 18, 2013

Early Birthday

38 weeks now...the end is in sight but I swear the last few weeks have been the longest of this entire pregnancy. Remember two weeks ago when I said I still loved being pregnant? Yeah, not so much at the moment. I am sore, teary, grumpy and tired. Emotions are at an all-time high. I woke up in a flood of tears one night from a horribly vivid dream in which I trapped my baby's finger in the car seat buckle...and then kept crying whenever I thought about it over the rest of the day! Oh dear. I just can't wait to hold my little boy in my arms after nine long months of waiting...and be able to put my socks on without puffing.

Taken this morning...looking a lot better than I felt!

In other news, Harry turns 6 the day before our baby is due and we therefore decided to have his party a few weeks early to try and avoid me being in labour and unable to attend. I have to say that the last few days were slightly stressful, for as much as I am impatient now for the baby to arrive, I was also worried that I wouldn't make it to his party. Obviously, I did make it and we had a great time. 

Our little family

We decided to hold it at the AMF Bowling centre as we had taken the children there once before and they had loved it, and the thought of just having to turn up and having everything organised was certainly appealing this close to the end of my pregnancy. Harry invited six friends and the price we paid included a game of bowling, decorations, lunch and drinks, huge party bags, cake, and arcade tokens- plus no mess to clean up, and a party host. Well worth it, particularly as I'm running on very little sleep today! It was lovely to see how much Harry enjoyed it. He's been looking forwards to it for weeks.

Blowing out the candles
Not everyone found it as exciting as Harry did, however.
Sleeping on the job, Jasper!
I'm really glad I made it to Harry's party and now...come on, baby, it's time to come out and meet us. My ribs and hips need a little break from your pummelling and I know you're running out of room and probably uncomfortable as well! Back to the raspberry leaf tea I go...


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